I’ve had a long series of profound, enlightening business experiences lately. I spent a couple of days with my wife at Universal and Magic Kingdom and saw how one man with a vision built the greatest amusement marks in the world. I went to the Tesla factory and saw how Elon Musk (a man with [...]

One of the biggest traps I see is people getting “hooked on motivation”. Motivation is as about as effective as crack. “Take it”, get high and then it fades. Watch a Youtube video... get lit up for an hour. Read a book... get excited for a day. Go to a seminar... get pumped for 2 [...]

Want to truly HACK your brain? Rewire your emotions in 5 days? Get more intelligence, more creativity, and less reactivity? If you answered “HELL YEAH” to any of these questions, read on because I’m going to share my #1 brain hack. About 2 years ago, I experienced the biggest upgrade in my brain function ever. [...]

I’ve never seen ANYONE succeed without it. I’ve never seen a sporting event that wasn’t won with it. Perhaps the greatest example was Super Bowl 51, played in Houston Texas on February 5, 2017. Atlanta destroyed New England in the first half. First, they scored 21 unanswered points.  Then New England scored a field goal. [...]

If I have an ability that most of my peers consider a “Super Power” it’s my ability to build and scale huge cold traffic campaigns. I’ve been buying pay per click traffic on Adwords since 2004. Around 2008, Google decided to smash advertisers by banning millions of companies from ever advertising again. It was a [...]

  The greatest fundamental axiom of copywriting is: “Enter the conversation happening in your prospects’ heads.” (Thanks Robert Collier!). In this article, I’m going to give you a very simple yet game changing way to talk about the PAIN. Most marketers and copywriters talk about the PROBLEM. Very few people want to think about “problems”. [...]

Project management softwares. Various “time management” systems. Simple to do lists. Complex tasks management softwares for team. And frankly, I thought they all SUCKED -- HARD AND DEEP. The most popular forms of thinking on how to manage getting shit done are: Time management Tasks management Project management Those can all work if your life [...]

In 2016, through the process of inductive reasoning and 20+ years of copywriting, marketing and business experience -- I had the biggest marketing breakthrough of my life. There’s a very unique advantage I have by owning multiple 7 figure companies (2 of which have been around for over a decade) and doing pay-for-performance optimization deals. [...]

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