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“How many times have you seen or heard those boasting about improving your productivity? If you’re like me, you’ve seen it a LOT. Here’s why “3X Your Productivity, the 20 Hour Work Week” is not only different, but transformational. If you know anything about Matt Gallant (the author) you’ll know he’s a fanatical tester. (In work and in life.)
The first thing you’ll notice about this 80+ page digital book is ZERO fluff. This is real, science-proven strategies and tactics that anyone at any skill level can put into practice. Matt has distilled the best of the best and organized it into one easy to reference guide.
I actually think there’s not one book here, but three at least! In fact, I’d go THIS far: I’ve spent literally THOUSANDS on attending personal development events. And many of those didn’t contain as much real world practices as you’ll discover in the first few chapters of this amazing book.
Do yourself, your business and your LIFE a favor get this TODAY. (Before he changes his mind and starts charging what this book is REALLY worth!)

Marc Harty Authority Architect, March 4, 2016