The Biggest Marketing Breakthrough Ever

Read on to see what this messy gibberish means.

In 2016, through the process of inductive reasoning and 20+ years of copywriting, marketing and business experience — I had the biggest marketing breakthrough of my life.

The Power Of Multiple Businesses, Relentless Optimization And Mega Data

There’s a very unique advantage I have by owning multiple 7 figure companies (2 of which have been around for over a decade) and doing pay-for-performance optimization deals.

I get to do dozens of new split tests a week. If you would login to my split-testing apps, you would see hundreds of live tests in each business.

Just a small section of one of my companies testing action.

I’m testing: optin pages, article pages, sales letters, order pages, upsells, auto-responder sequences and more.

Plus, every month we test hundreds of Adwords ads, image ads, FB ads and emails.

In the last 2 years, I was having breakthrough results with DIFFERENT marketing ideas in different markets and niches. I’ll share some them with you a minute.

I’m also passionate about studying, optimizing and hacking the brain.

So the combination of understanding human nature, brain chemistry and this breakthrough marketing data lead to my biggest EUREKA MOMENT ever.

The 5 Levels Of Market Sophistication

One of the most important things to be aware of when starting a business, going into a new market or launching a new campaign is the: 5 levels of market sophistication.

Eugene Schwartz discovered this and created this framework in his classic marketing book: “Breakthrough Advertising”.


Level 1: Make a claim (e.g. Lose weight)

Level 2: Expand the claim (e.g. Lose 20 lbs in 30 days)

Level 3: Add a mechanism (Lose 20 lbs with exercise)

Level 4: Expand the mechanism (Lose 20 lbs with Metabolic Enhancement Training)

Level 5: Identification with your prospect (That was Eugene’s strategies, but I think there’s many other ways.  Read on to see some examples.)

Here’s what happens…

As more and more competitors come into a market, the consumers evolve.

Primitive marketing mechanisms and promises become ineffective.

Buyers become jaded as they get burned by bad products that are over-hyped and under-deliver.

Companies get desperate and start pushing the “free-line”. Giving away information. Getting into price wars and making fire-sale offers.

99.9% of marketers and companies are trying to open their prospect’s minds with left-brained level 3 and level 4 keys. And it fails. They’ve become IMMUNE to those marketing weapons. They’ve evolved to level 5 consumers.

There’s no better market to study to see this in action than the fitness market. I’ve never seen a market evolve as fast as it did in the last decade.

First it started, guys with decent physiques got on the scene and wrote a decent sales letter and built successful funnels.

As thousands of guys believed they could go online and build a business, the competition became fierce.

Good bodies got out-competed by killer world-class physiques.

Good sales letters became ineffective as mechanisms evolved and got stronger and stronger.

Jacked guys who were charismatic with powerful personalities left good-looking dudes in the dust.

Good just isn’t good enough in that market anymore. It’s a level 5 market.

There are several ways to penetrate level 5 markets. I will be releasing a course later this year called “Level 5 Marketing” that will give you blueprints, strategies and tactics to penetrate any market.

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The only thing every human has in common is they want to feel BETTER.

I don’t believe there’s anyone that will refuse to feel better given the opportunity.

The Good-Feeling Nurse asks her angriest patient “Sir, would you like to feel a little better, a little happier, a little more joy today?”

Grumpy Old Man replies, “NO! Ummm…. maybe…. Ok sure.”

FEELING BETTER is a very subjective thing. And I’m not just talking about HAPPINESS. I’m waaaay broader than that: feeling better physically, feeling better mentally, feeling better emotionally…




Companies and marketers that master MAKING PEOPLE FEEL BETTER will dominate level 5 markets.

Our bodies are powerful pharmaceutical factories. We are constantly producing a variety of neurotransmitters that change how we feel.

And the sad truth is, most people have SHUT DOWN their PRIMARY FEEL-GOOD factory: their right-brain.

😠👊😠👊😠👊START RANT ALERT😠👊😠👊😠👊

The World Shuts Down Most People’s Right Brains

School, society and even many parents SHUT DOWN their kids right brains instead of fueling it and developing it.

If I think back of school, it was 98% left-brained. Even music class wasn’t a CREATIVE environment.

Many parents shut their child down if he’s “too wild or crazy”. What if he’s just tapping into his right brain and expressing himself?

Society will look at you cross-eyed if you’re “weird”, or “different”. Most “weirdos” are primarily right-brained rebels who embrace their nature and don’t care what others think. To Thy Own Self Be True.

🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️END RANT ALERT🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️

Your Right Brain Wants To Come Back To Life

Life becomes more PAINFUL when people shut down their right-brains.

Your right-brain is your source of inspiration, emotion, excitement, insights and creativity.

It feels DAAAAAAAMMMN good to get a sweet right-brained experience!!


The FEEL-GOOD Juice Of Right-Brain Experiences

The left side of the brain is dopamine driven.  It become active with thinking, anticipation and planning.

On the right side of the brain – the artsy part – serotonin and norepinephrine (or as some people call noradrenaline) are more dominant.  These are FAR MORE POWERFUL than dopamine for getting sales (which is more of a left-brained neurotransmitter).

Serotonin feels REALLY GOOD.  That’s the primary neurotransmitter released when people eat sugar.  It is one of the drivers behind people’s sugar addictions.  Don’t eat sugar for a few days and then go to Krispy Kreme and pound half a dozen donuts.  I’ve been there and I can tell you a felt a little BUZZED.

A great sales letter will hit both the left-brain and the right-brain, but 99.9% of the sales letter and messages I’ve ever seen are PRIMARILY LEFT-BRAIN and have very little right-brain magic infused in it.


The EASIEST way to make someone feel AWESOME and as a result bond, like and trust you is NOT by bombarding them with facts, research and science.

It’s by giving them some RIGHT-BRAIN JUICE.

There are a lot more. But I’m going to give you 5 hot clues you can use to release people’s feel-good chemicals.’

Right-Brain Key #1: Insightful Marketing

You might be thinking, “Isn’t an insight a left-brain thing?”

No. Research has shown that an insight is when you’re right brain creatively puts together several puzzle pieces in order to create a new way of seeing something. It’s a CREATIVE process (and it feels AAAAAWESOME when you experience it).

Think about the last time you had a “Eureka moment”… A “Holy shit, I see the world different” moment…

Think about who your thought leaders are for the things you’re passionate about.

You know why you choose them as your thought leaders?


Giving someone an insight is NOT an easy task. You have to be 1 step ahead of the other thought leaders in your niche.

You CAN’T be regurgitating ideas.

You have to be an EXPLORER and BRING THE FRESH to your peeps.

Right-Brain Key #2: Metaphorical Marketing

Last year, I was blessed that several people I respect and trust talked to me about the power of using metaphors in sales and marketing.

When I hear 3 people tell me the same thing, I HEAR THE MESSAGE.

So we started using metaphors in our emails and sales letters.


50% boost in sale

Right-Brain Key #3: Harmonized Stories

It’s no secret that stories are right-brain mechanisms.

Our brains are hard-wired for story telling. When we hear a great story, our left-brain sales defenses go down. We’re enthralled, engaged and fascinated.

Now, here’s what the data shows: NOT ALL STORIES ARE CREATED EQUAL.

The key is this: You must harmonize the RIGHT STORY with the RIGHT AVATAR (your prospect).

We tested TAKING OUT a story in one our sales letters last year and it DOUBLED SALES.

Never, ever, EVER assume that just “telling stories” is working. If the story isn’t relevant… If the story is too long or boring… If the story isn’t believable… If the story is confusing… IT’S GONNA FAIL.

Success application is everything.

Right-Brain Key #4: Harmonized Characters

Creating Harmonized Characters are POWERFUL way into people’s right-brain.

I remember how addicted I was to watching cartoons.

We didn’t have cable in the village I lived in growing up (because it wasn’t profitable at the time for the cable companies to go there). So I loved going at my Godmother’s place on Saturday’s so I watch cartoons for hours.

My niece and I.

Just watch a child watch a cartoon.

When my 3 year old niece, Kalula comes here and watches cartoons. She’s goooonnnne. It’s almost impossible to break that hypnotic state.

The doodle style video sales letter was proof that this technique works. Now it’s a tired tool because it’s been overused. But it was a BIG BREAKTHROUGH at the time.

The key is to create characters that are in HARMONY with your prospect’s desires.

Again, application is everything.

I can’t publicly share too much of some of the specific ways we’re using these 4 MAJOR KEYS (and other ones) because I want to protect my clients and my businesses.

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Meet the Author

Matt Gallant

Matt Gallant is a serial entrepreneur who's collected over 7 million leads in various industries, scientifically tested well over 10,000 different marketing ideas, generate tens of millions of dollars online and built his dream international lifestyle. Matt currently resides in Panama with his beautiful wife.

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  • Erik Feb 16, 2017, 10:05 pm

    Great article Matt, thank you. Can you please provide an example of a metaphor you used in your marketing last year?

    • Matt Gallant Feb 17, 2017, 9:48 am

      I love using metaphors to break down complex ideas or science or to make something easier to understand.

      E.g. Harmonization Marketing is like a musical ensemble. You want all of the marketing materials from your ads, to your landing page, your sales letter and your product to be singing the same song on the same beat. As soon as one of those is “off” from another, it creates dissonance for your prospect and they’re gone.

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