I’ve never seen ANYONE succeed without it. I’ve never seen a sporting event that wasn’t won with it. Perhaps the greatest example was Super Bowl 51, played in Houston Texas on February 5, 2017. Atlanta destroyed New England in the first half. First, they scored 21 unanswered points.  Then New England scored a field goal. [...]

Despite some challenges, 2016 was the best year of my life on most fronts: productivity wise, business wise and health/fitness wise. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite hacks, technologies and tactics I’ve incorporated in 2016 below. It’s a short list of the upgrades I’ve made, but they’re some of the most impactful.  But first... [...]

WARNING:  This post is NOT written to promote or suggest gambling.  Gambling can be addictive.  If you have a problem, please find the closest Gamblers Anonymous meeting.   I’m not into “gambling”.  I always thought that buying a lottery ticket was a “bad bet”.  I went to Las Vegas many, many times without betting a [...]