How to get rid of the emotional vampires, zombies and demons from your life… and attract great people

One of most important factors to living a Limitless Life filled with happiness, is to have deep connections with the people around you.

This was validated by a 75 year study by Harvard University.

Unfortunately, according to Dr. David Hawkins, 85% of the world lacks integrity and are in some shape, way or form NEGATIVE people.  After living and traveling around the world, I would have to agree with this number.

Jim Rohn said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”  This means you should desperately eliminate negative people out of your sphere.

The easiest place to start with this process is to ELIMINATE all the vampires, zombies and demons from your life.

Maybe you’re surrounded by these horrific characters?  If so, you’re BETTER OFF ALONE than being drained by them.

The 3 types of people to eliminate from your life


1. Emotional Vampires:

There are many types of vampires out there.  However their effect is the same: THEY DRAIN YOU.

There are many forms of vampires.

Some vampires will drain you by constantly judging other people (and are probably judging you when you leave the room).

Some vampires have big egos that are constantly seeking validation and attention.  They constantly want to be the star of the show and control the conversation.  They are usually self-centered and 90% of the time they’ll` talk about themselves.  “Enough about you, let’s talk about me again…” is the way it conversations go.

Vampires’ egos are like leeches draining your energy.  As my friend says, “They’ll suck the life force out of a nuclear reactor.”

2. Zombies:    

                                                    Zombies are people with no drive and no dreams.zombies  They are sleepwalking in life without having any self awareness, discipline or ambition.

They are often medicated by overeating chemically-loaded foods, abusing alcohol and drugs.  They are hypnotized by the news, politics and reality tv.

They have zero interest in personal development.  They desperately want to stay in their comfort zones and they hate change.

Zombies are an ambition lobodomy.  They’ll slowly kill your dreams and lower your standards.


3. Demons

These are the easiest people to let go of.  The demons are people with BAD intent.  They take joy in watching you fail.  They will try to sabotage your success.  Some are simply evil.

They have a VERY low level of consciousness.  Some take joy in making you feel guilty or ashamed.

Avoid these people at all costs and cut them from your life.


How To Remove The Life Force Suckers  From Your Life

You don’t need to call them,  face them or attack them.  The best way is simply to PEACEFULLY DISCONNECT.

Stop calling them.  Don’t invite them to hang out.  Don’t visit them.  Don’t message them on Facebook.  Don’t like their posts.  If you see them, be polite but leave relatively quickly.

If they ask you what’s going on, just say “I’m really busy.”

The relationship will naturally fade.  It’s really that simple.

If they do keep hounding you for the truth, then consider telling them how you feel.

People Do Change

The main reason why you don’t want to buy a flame thrower and burn these bridges is because people change.  Maybe in a few years, you’ll be on the same page with them and be best of friends.  There’s no real benefit to attack them.  It’s best to leave peacefully and leave the door open for the future.

Enough about negative people…

Who should you attract?

3 Types Of Life-Enhancing Friends


1. Band Of Brothers And Sisters



The easiest type of friend to make are people who share common interests: sports, business and hobbies are usual places to find common ground.

It’s common for those that fight wars together to become life long friends.  Tom Hank’s series “Band Of Brothers” captures that bond.

Another powerful type of brother and sister is business allies.  You’ll usually meet these at conferences, events and masterminds.

Masterminds is the easiest place to find them.  You’re in a room surrounded by great people all trying to help each other.  It’s easy to bond with those that you can find common ground with.


2.  High Level Of Consciousness


People with high levels of consciousness always ADD to your life.  They don’t even need to say anything.  Their mere presence enhances your life.

They are people who have DONE spiritual work.  They know themselves.  They know their character defects and their strengths.

For the most part, they’ve eliminated inner conflicts from their minds and souls.

They are loving, happy and positive.  They’re fun to be around and truly wish the best for you.


3. Soul Sisters and Soul Brothers


In his book, Power vs Force, Dr. Hawkins writes “In a universe where “like goes to like” and “birds of a feather flock together,” we attract to us what we emanate.”

birdieThis means if you want to attract great people into your life that are: giving, loyal, fun, caring, loving, smart, successful and spiritual.  You need to develop most of these qualities.

Hawkins continues, “…powerful attractor fields within the domain of consciousness itself, that dominate human existence istence and therefore define content, meaning, and value, and serve as organizing energies for widespread patterns of human behavior.”

In other words, there are invisible attractor patterns that pull people of similar levels of consciousness together.  So if you want to connect with people that have high levels of consciousness, then you need to do the inner work to raise yours.

I would love to hear your experiences on how you got rid of emotional vampires, zombies and demons from your life.

Please comment below…

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  • Jay Feb 23, 2016, 2:19 am

    Great article bro!
    Glad we met on a sacred room under high level of conciousness.

  • Thomas Fouts Feb 23, 2016, 3:50 am

    So very true. But good to read it again and again.

    I use the “morning ritual” learned from Eben Pagan, and then re-enforced by Hal Elrod of the Miracle Morning. I avoid the downer people politely (like a plague) and have been reading new positive educational books, and have been learning how to eat properly.

    I kinda had to start over due to a rare illness, so I have a ways to go yet. I will gather strength and keep on keeping on. That’s what I do.

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