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I’m very excited to GIVE YOU (for FREE) something I’ve been working on for the past few months:

3X Your Productivity:  The 20 Hour Work Week.  

It’s a BOOK, 84 pages CRAMMED with the absolute best mindsets, strategies and tactics that I’ve learned, discovered and developed to maximize my productivity in the last 2 decades.

Even if you apply just 20% of what’s in there, it will have a massive impact on your productivity and your income.

Here’s a fast overview of what you’re going to get:

  • Why the upcoming “robotic age” is going to simultaneously launch the “creativity revolution”.  Are you ready for it?
  • Why you should STOP doing what you dislike IMMEDIATELY.
  • 8 tools to help you discover your hidden powers and strengths.
  • How to calculate your TRUE HOURLY VALUE.
  • Want to have a growing business while only working 20 hours a week or less?  Than you need to master building teams.  I’m going to give the 5 factors for succeeding.
  • 3X your revenue and income by spending 80% of your time on MONEY MOVES ™ .  I’ll show you exactly how to figure out what your Money Moves ™ are and how to cut everything else off your plate.  
  • Money loves SPEED.   In chapter 6, you’ll get my top tools for saving time and speeding things up.
  • Chapter 7 is a GAME CHANGER:  The Focus-Window/Power-Thinking System.   Discover a brand new way of managing your time and your projects.  This is how you can juggle multiple businesses and projects at once.  
  • How to become a master of focus.
  • Chapter 9 alone can 3X your productivity:  FOCUSED FEROCITY.  It’s been my secret weapon for years and it’s how the most productive entrepreneurs in the world operate.  
  • How to use the secrets of professional athletes to keep your mind and body at full power.  
  • The principles inside this book are UNIVERSAL.  I show how billionaire entrepreneur, Richard Branson uses many of them to build and manage his empire.

Eventually, I will publish and sell this book.  However, for a limited time I’m going to GIVE IT AWAY.  Why?

Because I want to improve your life.  I’m looking to have an impact on your business and the quality of your life.  It’s that simple.


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Matt Gallant

Matt Gallant is a serial entrepreneur who's collected over 7 million leads in various industries, scientifically tested well over 10,000 different marketing ideas, generate tens of millions of dollars online and built his dream international lifestyle. Matt currently resides in Panama with his beautiful wife.

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