Harmonization Marketing: The 3rd Driver Of Your Marketing Results

If I have an ability that most of my peers consider a “Super Power” it’s my ability to build and scale huge cold traffic campaigns.

I’ve been buying pay per click traffic on Adwords since 2004.

Around 2008, Google decided to smash advertisers by banning millions of companies from ever advertising again.

It was a great opportunity because as my hand-to-hand combat teacher says “Evolve or Perish”.

We evolved and kept rocking and we’re still rocking today. I currently have 8 active Adwords accounts spread in different companies.

It took me awhile to realize WHY I was successful with cold traffic.

There are many masters of social media that fail miserably on PPC.

Most copywriters get BANNED FOR LIFE with their hype driven style.

The markets have evolved. And so must your marketing.

There are 3 Marketing Drivers:

  1.  Persuasion: the ability to sell and motivate to take action
  2.  Influence: the ability to connect, bond and create a para-social connection
  3. Harmonization: the process of create congruent, relevant marketing that is in harmony with your prospects on all levels.

What is Harmonization Marketing?

Harmonization Marketing is powerful analogy taken from the musical world.

When you hear a live band that’s tight, it sounds awesome. Imagine if they all played different songs at the same time, it would sound like total dissonant chaos and you would leave within 60 seconds.

What happens when you play the wrong song to the wrong crowd? They leave. The same thing happens when you offer the wrong products to the wrong crowd.

What happens when you promote one style of music, but play another? People are disappointed and they leave. Same thing happens on your website. If your ad is promising one thing and it’s a bit different on your web page, they’re gone.

Harmonization Marketing is when there’s a RESONANCE between the all of your marketing message, your product, your offer and your prospect’s desires.

Harmonization is the #1 driver of success when you buy traffic to your web pages.

All of the elements are parts of your marketing orchestra and you’re the conductor.

Understanding The Entire Marketing Experience From Your Prospect’s Eyes

Many marketers make the mistake of looking at things in isolation. They only see the parts and not the whole.

In mixed martial arts, the fighters who can “see the whole” and “see the totality” of have skills in all areas are usually some of the best fighters.

For your prospect, nothing happens in isolation.

For them, it’s ALL ONE EXPERIENCE. Let’s look the entire sales experience of the eyes of your prospects…

The reality is, that almost every marketing process that FAILS does so because of either: Ineffective promises and claims that doesn’t resonate with various prospects, and/or incongruencies in the marketing funnel.

I’m going to show you how to solve BOTH of these problems in a minute.In mixed martial arts, the fighters who can “see the whole” and “totality” are usually some of the best fighters.

In mixed martial arts, the fighters who can “see the whole” and “totality” are usually some of the best fighters. George St.Pierre is perhaps one of the best examples. He was better at putting together every component together than his opponents.

For your prospect, nothing happens in isolation. For them, it’s ALL ONE EXPERIENCE. Let’s look the entire sales experience of the eyes of your prospects…

Promise Expectations

One of the most powerful elements to look at to really understanding marketing pathways is “promise expectations”.

A “promise expectation” happens ANYTIME YOU SAY ANYTHING.  

Re-read that… and let me put it to you another way. With each word in your FB ad and in your Google ad, people EXPECT what you said to happen or be delivered. It’s a natural process that is hardwired into every human mind.

Based on my observation, over 80% of the sales funnels I see online VIOLATE this simple, critical concept. Very few marketers “harmonize” every piece of their funnel.

We’ll compare 2 different sales processes in a minute so that you can see clearly what you shouldn’t do… and what you should do.

Here’s a typical online sales experience:

  1. Someone either searches for a keyword or surfs the net
  2. They see an ad and click it
  3. They are sent to a sales letter or lead capture page
  4. They are sent to an order page
  5. They either buy or abandons the sales process.

Now, that’s a SIMPLIFIED pathway.

The reality is even more complex. According to Google and our Gold Lantern tracking software, there’s an average of 10 contacts before a sale is made. This can include: Facebook, Twitter, articles, several emails and retargeting.

First, let me illustrate an example of a BAD marketing process that fails, using the typical above.

Frank surfs on his favorite golf site and is reading an article about golf vacations in Hawaii. He can visualize himself smoke a 45th anniversary Padron cigar on the Hualalai Golf Course.

He sees a banner about a new “How to slice 10 strokes off your game by improving your putting game”.

He goes to the new golf club site and asks for a report that talks about “How to Improve Your Drive”.

He then clicks on a link that brings him to the main sales letter to sell him golf clubs. And there’s zero mention of how it can improve anyone’s drive. It’s just going on and on about the metals and the craftsmanship.

He abandons the process because he wasn’t looking for golf clubs in the first place.. or… the incongruency “threw him off”.

Let’s compare that to what I could consider a congruent marketing funnel using the same golf club example.

Joe surfs on his favorite golf site and he’s reading an article on “hitting longer drives”.

He sees a banner about a new golf club that guarantees to add “50 yards to his drive” and clicks on it.

He goes to the new golf club site, which asks him what’s his primary goal (and he answers it’s to increase his drive). He instantly receives a report called “The science of 300 yard drives” and the report goes into detail describing the mechanism that allows makes these new golf clubs more powerful and effective.

He reads the report and he’s excited about the science behind the new cutting-edge material that delivers longer drives.

He then clicks on a link that brings him to the main sales letter. He reads a ton of great testimonial from golfers who say it’s added 50 yards or more to their drives.

He then goes to the order page he places his order. He gets the product and uses it. And he’s smashing balls further than ever before. He became an evangelist for those clubs and the company that sells them.

I review a lot of funnels every week for my pay-for-performance clients. And almost NO ONE is doing this ALL THE WAY THROUGH.

Every Word Matters

EVERY word matters. Expectations begin as soon as someone reads and clicks your ads. David Bullock calls that “click expectations”.

Simply match the copy from the ad with the headline on the landing page and you’ll get a nice bump in conversion. Why? Because people want what you promised them in the ad! That’s why they clicked on it.

Every Detail Matters

That extends to fonts, colors and images. We tested that matching the exact fonts used in a banner ad with the fonts used in a landing page, optin page or sales letter produced a nice bump in conversion rates.

The bottom line, the more congruency you have with your marketing — the higher your conversions will be.

Now, let’s go deeper into creating money-making, congruent marketing pathway.

How to Get Maximum ROI: Master the Levels of Congruency

Here’s a scenario that I would use if I was selling a MMA DVD course with Conor McGregor

Level 1: Using site-placement in Google, we targeted sites that have the word “Conor McGregor” (he’s a UFC fighter).

Level 2: The Google ad then said something like, “Kick-Ass like Conor McGregor”.

Level 3: The landing page restated the same copy as the Google ad along with a few more claims. E.g. “Kick Ass Like Conor McGregor With This 5 Vicious Training Techniques. Enter Your Name and Email To Get This Report Now.”

Level 4: Report delivered great content including the 5 vicious training techniques.

Level 5: The sales letter includes “Conor McGregor” and sells them on buying the DVD package that will reveal even more vicious Conor McGregor techniques.

Most marketers do make big bold promises. However, they either make the wrong promise or their sales process isn’t aligned with the original promise.

The “wrong promise” is when either: the promise isn’t a match with that specific prospect (e.g. I’m promising that you’re going to improve your putting game, however, you only care about improving your drive)… or when the promise isn’t believable.

Making the right promise is NOT about hyperbole and exaggerations, it’s about making believable claims that speak to the target group’s desires.

Funnel Congruency and Click Promise is just a couple of the Harmonization Marketing factors. There are many more.

I’m going to go DEEP into Harmonization Marketing and reveal how to win at cold traffic at the Hyper-Growth Workshop. Go here to read more details.

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    Thank-you. I’m am learning great marketing skills from you. You make so much sense, it’s actually common sense when you think it all the way through. This will help my new venture “back into” Internet Marketing!

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