How To Be A Good Leader – 9 Leadership Skills From Rick Grimes

Rick Grimes - A Great LeaderSurviving an apocalyptic world filled with zombies and “kill or be killed” gangs is no easy task.  According to Matt Lieberman’s calculations there would only be 382,885 survivors still walking around and kicking zombie ass.

The 9 Steps To Becoming A Great Leader

This is why Rick Grimes deserves credit for not only surviving but building a strong group of survivors.  Here are 9 leadership skills we can all learn from Rick Grimes:

1.Tells It Like It Is

Rick isn’t afraid of telling people how it is.  He’s not bullshitting people.  He tells you what you’ve got to do to survive.  He didn’t pull punches with the people of Alexandria.  He told them were soft and wouldn’t survive if they didn’t change.

People trust people who tell it like it is.  Let your team know how tough it’s going to be.  It prepares them for the challenge.  It prepares them for failures.

2. Lead By Example

How To Be A Good Leader Like Rick GrimesRick is usually there leading any new mission or battle.  He’s on the front lines showing others how it’s done.

Don’t expect people to do what you’re not willing to do.  If you want your team to go “beast mode” — show them what “beast mode” looks like.

3. Plan The Attack

Just coming out guns blazing all the time isn’t smart.  When he made the deal with “The Hilltop” to take care of the Saviors, he waited for nightfall and planned every aspect of the operation.  It’s critical to plan out your attacks and strategize.  The odds of success go up significantly.

Take the time and analyze the market.  See where your competition’s weaknesses are before you launch a new product.  Make sure you understand what part of the market isn’t being fulfilled.

4. Be Cautious With New People

Rick has his 3 question test to evaluate people and see if they could be a part of the group.  He doesn’t take chances.

walking dead leadership skill - take no chances with new peopleWhen you bring new people into your team, be cautious.  “Hire slow, fire fast” is a great motto.  The more filters, hoops and tests that your potential team members have to go through the better.

We use filters, doofus tests, tough interviews, reference checks and personality tests to make sure someone is solid before we open the doors.

5. Give People Second Chances

Once “you’re in”, Rick has learned to give second chances (Gabriel is a good example).  We all make mistakes, the key is to learn from them.

A “3 strikes you’re out” rule is a good strategy with your team members.  It shows the rest of the team, that your fair.

6. Make The Tough Calls

Being a great leader requires making TOUGH calls, sometimes against popular opinion.  When Rick arrived in Alexandria, he knew they were “too soft” and needed to have a mindset change and that’s why he developed a “Ricktatorship”.  He knew they needed to evolve in order to survive.

Sometimes, you’ll see what others can’t see.  Sometimes you have to go against the crowd and trust yourself and your vision.

7. Savagery Or Chillax

Rick’s crew have 2 speeds: “peace mode” or “kill mode”. When they flick the switch and go to KILL MODE — it’s bad news for others.

I believe in living my life the same way.  I’m here in “relaxing — enjoying life” mode or I’m in “Focused Ferocity”.

Focused Ferocity is the key to increasing intensity and intensity is the only way you can MULTIPLY YOUR OUTPUT.

(Read more about this here: 3X Your Productivity — The 20 Hour Work Week)

Rick “doesn’t take risks anymore” — especially unnecessary risks.  Any time you can lower your risk, TAKE IT.

Always be thinking “How can I lower risk?” When launching a new idea or testing a new marketing channel.

I recently saved $7,500 by negotiating a different fee structure.  I negotiated a more performance based fee structure and it failed.

8. Never Say DIE

When Alexandria was overrun, Rick didn’t give up.  He created a (wild) gameplan and pulled the trigger.  He doesn’t care about “the odds”.  It doesn’t matter if he’s outnumbered, he knows “where there’s a will there’s a way” and he’s got the will and it worked.

Persistence is one of the keys to success.  You will encounter resistance.  The path to your goals is NOT a straight line.  Just keep moving forward.

9. The Mission Goes On

baf3f3a9881ee767e35bb660da450d72It doesn’t matter who comes… who leaves… who dies… The mission goes on.  Rick and the crew have lost countless friends and allies along the way.  The human spirit keeps them driving forward.

With your business, it doesn’t matter who quits… who you hire… if a project fails… the mission goes on.

Your company is a separate entity from yourself and it should always be moving forward.  Even if you lose your best people, even if you fail with a new idea — the show must go on.

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