How To Become Wise – The Epic Power Of The Metamind

Want to DOUBLE OR TRIPLE your brain power?

YES? This article will show you how…

One of the most powerful problem solving forces I’ve ever used or experienced is: the Metamind.

Metamind is when you combine your mind with another to create a bigger mind. Metamind is epic mental synergy.

Napoleon Hill describes it in his masterpiece “Think And Grow Rich” as a “Master Mind”, which may be defined as: “Coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.”

I’m currently part of two potent Metaminds and I’m engineering another one at the moment. And I highly encourage you to go build your own Metaminds after you finish reading this.

Writing Epic Sales Letters In 4 Hours


14 years ago, Claude hired me to teach him marketing and copywriting. He was one of my best students and we became partners.

Claude and I have a publishing company that sells instructional musical products.  My first experience of the Metamind came was writing copy with Claude. We can literally create an amazing highly profitable sales letter in less than 4 hours (often less than 2 hours) and it feels almost effortless.

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Metamind baby!

You know you’re in a Metamind when you can:


– Complete each other’s thoughts

– Know how the other person thinks

– Quickly solve problems together that you would struggle to solve alone

– Achieve GROUP FLOW

– Finish things with lightning speed, effectiveness and efficiency

Another business partner, Wade Lightheart and I have built 2 powerful Metaminds after being bros for 15 years: health/fitness and spirituality/self-development.

Wade and I were both personal trainers and we started sharing each other’s experiences. I

Wade and I having fun upgrading our brains.

Wade and I having fun upgrading our brains.

would discover something and share it with him. And vice versa. I’ve tried 95% of what he’s tried and so has he. This has been going non-stop for 16 years.  Every week, we get on Skype and share our latest integrations and revelations.

We have also built a Metamind in spirituality and self-development. Wade was instrumental for getting me back on the spiritual track (after being an atheist/agnostic for 10 years). He gave me 2 books: Power Of Now and Power vs. Force.

Since that time, we’ve gone to half a dozen spiritual events together, we’ve read most of the same spiritual books, we’ve done similar self-development programs.

Metaminds are not just a “feel good thing”. They can be the most profitable power on Earth. The proof of this is: Charlie Munger and Warren Buffet.

A lot of people forget that Charlie is as much a force in as Warren.  Buffett once wrote.  “It took a powerful force to move me on from Graham’s limiting views,” “It was the power of Charlie’s mind. He expanded my horizons.”

Munger marvels at Buffett: “Warren’s a lot more able than I am, and very disciplined. Buffett, in turn, praises Munger as “both smarter and wiser.”

Munger later wrote, “If Warren Buffett had never learned anything new after graduating from the Columbia Business School, Berkshire would be a pale shadow of its present self. Warren would have gotten rich — because what he learned from Ben Graham at Columbia was enough to make anybody rich. But he wouldn’t have the kind of enterprise Berkshire Hathaway is if he hadn’t kept learning.”

Munger and Buffett took their mutual financial IQ and brain power to another dimension by creating a Metamind. A Metamind compliments each other’s strengths. It rounds out each other’s weaknesses.

How To Build A Metamind


I believe most Metaminds happen organically. However, I do believe there are some key ingredients that make it happen. And if your conscious of the process, your odds of making it happen go up exponentially.

1. Passion, Drive And Obsession


It takes a lot of energy to build a Metamind. Both parties need to be a 9/10 or higher in their drive to learn and evolve. You need to be driven, passionate and even OBSESSED with mastering what you’re working on.

When you have two people that are OBSESSED with becoming the best they be together… That is the foundation for an unstoppable Metamind.

2. Experience And Wisdom


It’s hard, if not impossible to build a Metamind if you have significant differences in expexperience. If someone has 20 years of business experience and another has 5 years, they rarely see things the same way. With experience comes wisdom and that is a lot harder to share than knowledge. The person with 20 years of experience will have wider scope perspective than the one with 5 years.

3. Similar Knowledge Banks


When you start working or discussing things with someone, the first phase is the “discovery phase”. You both keep laying your cards on the table until you both understand each other’s knowledge banks.

After you understand each other’s knowledge, THEN THE Metamind CAN BEGIN. You can start identifying holes, upgrading thoughts and combining ideas into new bigger concepts.

The good news is, it’s possible to get to the same level of knowledge with some effort. Share all of your top resources with your partner and vice versa. Absorb all of the books, videos, and information you can from your sources and within a year or two of solid effort you can be on the same page.

4. Levels Of Consciousness


I don’t believe it’s possible to build a Metamind with someone who has a very different level of consciousness — especially in the field that they’re working on. To understand levels of consciousness read: “Transcending The Levels Of Consciousness By David Hawkins”.

It’s important to note that a person has an OVERALL level of consciousness that shapes their views of the world. And then there is a specific level of consciousness within the field of focus (business, health, etc…).

When I’m with another person, the level of consciousness that we have together in that moment changes. The key is to be around people that ELEVATE your level of consciousness. Avoid the zombies.

Napoleon Hill writes: “The psychic phase of the Master Mind principle is much more abstract, much more difficult to comprehend, because it has reference to the spiritual forces with which the human race, as a whole, is not well acquainted. You may catch a significant suggestion from this statement: ‘No two minds ever come together without, thereby, creating a third,

invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind.’ “

5. Mental Flexibility


It will be challenging, if not impossible to build a Metamind without mental flexibility. Why? Because many times, both your ways of thinking will be challenged, questioned and even demolished.

If you’re ego is too strong to let go of it’s way of thinking, you won’t be able to absorb the new ideas.

6. Sharing Discoveries


One of the big keys is to be constantly sharing new discoveries. This is how you learn together. academia-sinica-to-introduce-latest-discoveries-to-prospective-business-partners-262x174This is how you build the rich bank of knowledge that you can both draw upon.

A lot of people are stingy and protective with their knowledge and discoveries. There’s nothing wrong with that mindset in certain circumstances, but it’s the wrong approach if you want to build a Metamind with someone.

7. Solving Problems Together


The strength of your Metamind will grow with every single problem you solve. Each successful problem that gets resolved will expand the power of brain trust.

Is there any investment challenge that Warren and Charlie haven’t solved at this point? Buffett says: “Charlie can analyze and evaluate any kind of deal faster and more accurately than any man alive. He sees any valid weakness in 60 seconds.”

That’s the level of power you can achieve with…

8. Time


Last, but not least it takes TIME. Warren and Charlie friends have been friends for 57 years. I’ve been friends with Claude for 20 years. I’ve been friends with Wade for 16 years.

Even by following all of the suggestions in this article, it will take TIME to achieve.

Right now, I’m using this steps to build an INVESTMENT mastermind with a good friend of mine.  I know that by using this process, we can multiply our odds of success and shorten the learning curve BIG TIME.

Until you build your own Metaminds,you join Masterminds, or do Hot Seat events, because you access the power of the Metamind by having experienced, successful people working on your business to solve your problems.  

I’ll be doing one of these in June in Montreal and another event in July in Vancouver.   Let me know if you’re interested in knowing more in the comments below.

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Transcending The Levels Of Consciousness  

Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Want to become a MASTER at one of the Most valuable skills in the world in just 10 weeks? Enter your name and email below to get first access to my new 10 week copywriting and marketing program.
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  • Rysheak Lightwon May 24, 2016, 9:07 pm

    This is exactly what I want and have been looking for, now the people to come into alignment.

    • Matt Gallant May 24, 2016, 10:52 pm

      It’s worth the hunt. Keep your standards high, become who you want to attract and it will happen.

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    Hey, Matt – I’m interested in the Montreal event.

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    Finding a good partner is harder than finding a spouse…or is it?

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      It’s hard to “force” partnerships. They tend to happen organically. The key is to go to a lot of high level events and build solid relationships.

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