If you’re looking for the fastest, surest path to go from wherever you are today  to making multiple 7 figures a year beyond in your business, you’re in the right place.

Frankly, I hate “waving my flag” and telling people who I am. But I guess it’s necessary for you to know my accomplishments so you know I’m the real deal.

–  I currently own four 7 figure companies (plus a tech start-up).

– I’ve taken 5 companies (in different markets) from zero to millions in revenue. Most of them in less than 2 years. And what I’m the MOST proud of is that two of these companies have been rocking for over a decade (only 4% of companies ever make it to that point).

Plus I built a long list of companies that reached 6 figures in revenue from a variety of markets including: painting, personal training, dog walking, skin care, self defense, addiction treatment and many more.

– I’ve been the “marketing wizard” behind the scene for some of the biggest names online like Elliott Hulse. I multiplied the revenue of his main funnel by 20X.

– I’ve scientifically tested over 12,000 different marketing ideas. I don’t know anyone who has collected the amount of data I have collected on: copy, images, offers, order pages, videos, articles, ads and beyond. At any moment in time, I’m testing hundreds of different ideas on my dozens of websites.

– I’ve created and successfully sold over 100 profitable products online (including over 80 info products, dozens of hard good, a variety of services).

– I’ve collected over 8 million optins/leads (most from paid traffic).

– I’ve been writing copy for 20 years now. I’ve been blessed to train with almost all of the best copywriters:

– Ted Nicholas, Dan Kennedy

– John Carlton (was my coach for a couple of years).

– Gary Halbert (hired Gary and spent time with him in Miami).

– Gary Bencivenga (went to his exclusive retirement event in NYC).

– Clayton Makepeace (one of the modern greats).

I hope I didn’t sound like an asshole with that “brag fest”.

Here’s the point: I have a proven system for taking companies from zero to millions in revenue very quickly.

It’s called the Hyper Growth Formula.

I believe it’s the most predictable method for not only building a 7 figure company… but for SUSTAINING a 7 figure company.

Many skilled marketers have built 7 figure companies.

How many of them have been around for 10 years? How many of them have sustained two 7 figure companies for over 10 years? Very, very few.  The grand majority build it and then it’s gone within a year or two.

I really enjoy “giving back”. It’s become a core part of who I am.

So I’ve decided to help a few driven entrepreneurs by offering the Hyper Growth Workshop.

It’s 3 days of zero-fluff, cutting-edge marketing tactics, next-generation business frameworks combined with insightful personal feedback and guidance.

I have no patience for bullshit. Nor do I believe in “spewing opinions”. Everything I will share with you has been tested, proven and validated. You can and will literally take it to the bank.



Day 1, I’m going to blow your mind with dozens of business and marketing frameworks that you’ve never heard of (because I’ve created them).


The Hyper-Growth formula is a 7 phase process that will predictably grow your business 2X to 10X. I’ve never seen it fail when properly applied.

I’ll reveal my secret weapon which I call “Harmonization Marketing” (phase 1). This is HOW I’ve cracked cold traffic campaigns for some of the most competitive markets on the planet.

Phase 2 is what I call The Profit Lab method. This combined with Harmonization multiplies your odds of success with cold traffic. It’s a predictable process for building money machines in tough markets.

Then, you’ll learn how to “Divide and Conquer” (phase 3) your email leads. This will increase the results you get from your emails significantly.

Hyper-Growth Formula Phase 4: Profit Sequencing is going to pay for the event multiple times over.

Very, very few marketers have SPLIT-TESTED different autoresponders against each other. I do this on a consistent basis and it’s lead to some incredible breakthroughs in how we design email sequences.

I’m going to give you the strongest autoresponder blueprint we’ve tested and optimized.

Most autoresponders are 1 dimensional. I’m going to show you to build wildly interesting, engaging email sequences that people LOVE to read (and thus buy).

I will also reveal some of my easy product creation formula to maximize your revenues.  Very few people can say they’ve co-created and produced OVER 100 PROFITABLE PRODUCTS.  I have.

I’ve got some product creation methods that will make your life and business easier than you ever thought possible.

Phase 5 is my secret weapon: EXTREME OPTIMIZATION.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without this one. Most people get intimidated when they think of “split-testing” and “optimization”.

I’m going to show you how you can double, triple and quadruple your revenues by spending ONE HOUR A WEEK. That’s it. ONE HOUR A WEEK.

I’ll be sharing some of the secrets I use with my million dollar consultation clients.

Now you put the business growth into OVERDRIVE with phase 6 with Traffic Expansion.

With the other 5 phases in place, you’ll be positioned to become the dominant traffic buyer in your market.

I’ve generated millions in a variety of traffic sources:

– Tens of millions from Google Adwords and Facebook pay per click ads.

– Millions from affiliates promoting my products.

– Millions from social media including Youtube.

I’ll give you my best tactics, shortcuts and tricks for each one of these traffic sources. And I’ll tell you which traffic sources to avoid like the plague.

And last but not least, we’ll do a quick overview of  Phase 7: Surviving And Managing Quantum Growth.

That’s where the E.O.S. comes in. The Entrepreneurial Operating System.

This is so critical (as in life and death) for your business long term that we’re going to focus on this entirely on day 3.



Day 2 is all about improving your copywriting chops.

It’s going to be hands-on workshop where I’m going to give you some new copywriting concepts, tricks and methods that are going to improve your emails by 50% to 100%.

You’ll pay for the event multiple times over just from the things you learn on day 2.


There are 3 marketing drivers: persuasion, influence and harmonization.

Most marketers are familiar with persuasion and influence but they have no clue about harmonization. As I wrote a few minutes ago, we are going to go deep into it on Phase 1 of the Hyper-Growth Formula on day 1.

On day 2, I’m going to show you how to use these 3 marketing drivers and put them together magically.

HINT:  The dominant driver changes radically based on the traffic source.

I’m going to show you how to weave together these 3 marketing drivers depending on which traffic source you’re focusing on.  Again, I’ve got the data that reveals what works and what doesn’t.


I’ve been blessed to be partners, friends and allies with some of the greatest influencers online.

I’m going to share their best secrets including things they’ve never publicly stated.

One of them has made millions from a FB fan page of less than 9000 people (and his email list is less than 4000). I’ve never heard of ANYONE making as much money per person as this man.

I’ll be revealing his Influence formula which I guarantee you’ve never heard anywhere else. Every great influencer on YouTube is unconsciously using it.


Having been writing copy for over 20 years now, I can tell that that the rules have changed dramatically.

Some of the copy that I wrote that become market dominators for years would NOT HAVE A CHANCE today.

I had to discover new ways of writing persuasive copy.

I’ve figured out how to write COMPLIANT COPY (that doesn’t get banned from Adwords and Facebook) and still converts.

This lead me to my biggest marketing breakthrough ever: RIGHT-BRAIN MARKETING.

Right-brain marketing bypasses the skeptical judgmental left-brain defenses. It gives people powerful emotional experiences that make them like you and want to do business with you.

I’m going to give you the exact details on how to APPLY this in your sales letters, emails and content.

I’ll give you personal feedback on your copy and help you tweak it and make it stronger and more effective.

The plug-and-play moves you’re going to learn on day 2 is going to be worth a fortune for you in your life.

DAY 3: E.O.S. entrepreneurial operating system + The MAX Productivity System + HOT SEATS


Have you ever left an event with a bunch of ideas but no system for implementing it?

You go home all pumped up with pages full of notes  and a week later they’re collecting dust.

I have more times than I can count.

Knowledge isn’t power.

APPLIED knowledge is power.

That’s why on day 3, I’m going to give you the system that I’m using in my companies that’s transformed them to the next level.

There’s no fucking way I’m going to let you NOT implement these methods in your business.  That’s why I’m going to personally guide your ENTIRE GAME PLAN FOR THE NEXT 12 MONTHS.

Unless you have a strong E.O.S., your business will crumble when you multiply it quickly. I know from experience.

The E.O.S. will give you a vision, a 1 year plan… 90 day goals and a proven process for implementing all of the things you’ve learned over the weekend.

The Maximum Productivity System

I’m also going to share with you my Maximum Productivity System and help you create YOUR Maximum Productivity System.

It’s actually a combination of 5 different systems that together synergizes beautifully. I’ve never seen anyone put these 5 together.

Within a few months of using this system, you’ll double or triple your personal output within 2 or 3 months.

Get your entire team on it, and look out.

I’m not one of those “hustle guys”. I’m about getting shit done as fast as possible.

I own 4 companies plus I do million-dollar consulting deals and I work on average 20-30 hours a week. That’s it.  I don’t work on the weekends.  I rarely work evenings.  And I take around 6 to 8 weeks of vacation a year.

I do this by using this system.

If you ask my close friends and business partners, most of them will tell you that they don’t know anyone that can output what I do in the time that I work.

I could write another 40 pages of copy selling you on what you’re going to learn. But this is either resonating with you or it’s not.

The Hyper-Growth Formula is going to multiply your sales and success on every level.

And I’m going to show you how to manage the growth STRESS-FREE.

What’s The Investment?

Because of the personal attention, feedback and coaching everybody is going to get: it’s 6 people MAX.

I want to keep the groups small to maximize impact.

If this is “speaking to you” — then go for it.

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