Another successful spin around the sun... I’m still alive. Happy. Growing. Grateful. Been an epic year business wise and personally. Gonna share my biggest mistakes, painful fails and lessons of the year. If I was to sum up the year: first half of 2016 was a bitch. Second half was incredible. A good friend of [...]

In this article, you’re going to discover the critical factor Uber and Netflix used to destroy industry leaders… and how you can use it to dominate your industry. An irresistible offer is a core component of a successful and profitable funnel. A great offer can easily double the conversions.  A mind-blowing offer can build an [...]

Want to experience effortless flow every day? Want to have more mental energy to focus on the important stuff? If you do, read on… One of things I’m always obsessed with is, how can I remove friction from my life? Friction drains your time, energy and pleasure. What do I mean by “friction”? The 3 [...]

Want to learn how to write great copy? Then read on because I am about to share with you one of the most important copywriting lessons. Your entire message can fall on deaf ears unless you get this right. Every market has an “optimal marketing intensity zone” for communication. On the low end of the [...]

Do you want to double the power of your communications, writing and videos? If so… read on because the 6 Rings Of Knowledge is gonna empower you. The 6 Rings of Knowledge   I believe that the best teachers, thought leaders and info-product creators use what I call “The 6 Rings of Knowledge.” The 6 [...]

Want to DOUBLE OR TRIPLE your brain power? YES? This article will show you how... One of the most powerful problem solving forces I’ve ever used or experienced is: the Metamind. Metamind is when you combine your mind with another to create a bigger mind. Metamind is epic mental synergy. Napoleon Hill describes it in [...]

Want to know the ONE THING that I believe has contributed to my business success more than anything else? The best investment I ever made? My #1 business investment of all time is WITHOUT A SINGLE DOUBT: attending great business events/seminars/workshops. That is clear as glass to me as I’m on a plane (sitting in [...]

A few years ago, one of my best friends, puts up a picture of himself flying first class on Facebook. Knowing he wouldn’t pay for that ticket I was intrigued. I asked “What’s the secret?” He laughed only he can laugh and said... “It’s the MILEAGE game. It’s freaking awesome! You should definitely get on [...]