Want to succeed with your startup on a shoestring budget? Is it possible to create a million dollar business starting with less than $1000?   I know it is because I’ve done it several times.  In this article I’m gonna share how you can do it and how I did it. CAVEAT: You can’t do ANY [...]

I get questions almost every day “what is MattGallant.tv all about?”  This post contains the answer. The quick answer is: it’s all about making you a happier, healthier and wealthier. I've always been obsessed and driven to find ways to increase my happiness, success and peace of mind. After 20 plus years of relentless experiments, [...]

Is it possible to turn words into cold hard cash?   Is it possible to influence and persuade others to do what you want with “the right combination of words”? Are you just 1 good sales letter away from making millions? The answer to all of the above is... HELL YEAH! I know because I’ve [...]

Is there anything that drains you like FORCING yourself to do something you don’t like to do? I don’t think so. Willpower is a precious, limited resource that gets drained EVERY TIME you have to push yourself to do something. Kelly McGonigal in Willpower Instinct defines it as:  “harnessing the three powers of I will, [...]

In this article, I’m going to share 34 of my favorite productivity softwares, apps and tools. Best Thinking Tools Favorite Creation Tools: Writing, spreadsheets and presentations Preferred Project Management Software Top Organization Tools Best File Sharing Services Top Efficiency And Effectiveness Tools Best Scheduling Tools Top Distraction Killers Favorite Automation Tools     It’s really [...]

I’m very excited to GIVE YOU (for FREE) something I’ve been working on for the past few months: 3X Your Productivity:  The 20 Hour Work Week.   It’s a BOOK, 84 pages CRAMMED with the absolute best mindsets, strategies and tactics that I’ve learned, discovered and developed to maximize my productivity in the last 2 [...]

Do you struggle with making decisions sometimes? Do you have doubts that you’re on the right path at times? Have you made big mistakes in the past and you’re not sure why? Yes? Join the club…  You’re gonna dig this article as it will shed some light on those questions. It’s only natural to have [...]