Want to make millions, tens of millions or even billions? Want to get ripped and muscular? Want to be the top 1% of your field? Then read on because I’m going to reveal the ONE THING that can make it all happen. One of the most powerful quotes of all time is from Albert Einstein: [...]

I always laugh my ass off when I ask someone during a job interview, “What is your weaknesses?” And they say “None” (you’d be surprise how often that happens). That’s an instant disqualification.   It either means: Their ego is out of control They’re liars They’re completely unaware of who and what they are Being aware [...]

  Would you like to truly become the ULTIMATE VERSION of yourself?  If you answered “yes”, read on… I know dozens of people that are extremely successful that aren’t genuinely happy because they do almost no spiritual work.  And I know deeply spiritual people that aren’t super successful because they don’t spend much time or energy [...]

Surviving an apocalyptic world filled with zombies and “kill or be killed” gangs is no easy task.  According to Matt Lieberman’s calculations there would only be 382,885 survivors still walking around and kicking zombie ass. This is why Rick Grimes deserves credit for not only surviving but building a strong group of survivors.  Here are [...]

Every quarter, I’ll share a brief summary of the upgrades I’m making.  Here’s the 18 upgrades I made in Q1 of 2016. Last year I got a xray and saw that the bottom part of my sacrum curves.  I had bad posture habits on my “leather executive chair”. It was time to get the best [...]

Want to succeed with your startup on a shoestring budget? Is it possible to create a million dollar business starting with less than $1000?   I know it is because I’ve done it several times.  In this article I’m gonna share how you can do it and how I did it. CAVEAT: You can’t do ANY [...]

I get questions almost every day “what is MattGallant.tv all about?”  This post contains the answer. The quick answer is: it’s all about making you a happier, healthier and wealthier. I've always been obsessed and driven to find ways to increase my happiness, success and peace of mind. After 20 plus years of relentless experiments, [...]

Is it possible to turn words into cold hard cash?   Is it possible to influence and persuade others to do what you want with “the right combination of words”? Are you just 1 good sales letter away from making millions? The answer to all of the above is... HELL YEAH! I know because I’ve [...]