Simple, Powerful Copywriting Tweak that Doubles Your Results

Got a short, powerful copywriting lesson for you this week.


The greatest fundamental axiom of copywriting is: “Enter the conversation happening in your prospects’ heads.” (Thanks Robert Collier!).

In this article, I’m going to give you a very simple yet game changing way to talk about the PAIN.

Most marketers and copywriters talk about the PROBLEM.

Very few people want to think about “problems”.

People are SCARED of the problems.

People avoid doctors and check up visits because they fear HEARING ABOUT THE PROBLEMS.

And the grand majority of the time that you reveal the problem to someone, they are INSULTED and offended.

When you talk about THE PROBLEM in your copy, most people will not relate or connect with it.  Very, very few people want to admit they have a problem.

What’s the solution?


When you go to a doctor, they ask what your SYMPTOMS are.

Everybody knows what their symptoms are.  They can describe them with vivid accuracy:

  • My fever was 100.
  • My left tooth is aching.
  • My blood pressure is 150/90.

Let’s say the problem is they’re overweight.  If you say to someone “you’re overweight”, they will have an instant resentment that may last a lifetime.

Most people would rather POP a pill and get rid of the symptom than solve the underlying problem.

“When you say someone has a PROBLEM, you will be perceived as judgemental.”

However, if you say:

“Maybe you’re like me, you’ve lost 20 lbs, gained 25, lost 15 again, regained another 20 and it’s getting harder and harder to get back down.  This has been the pattern of the last few years of my life.”

You’re vividly describing the SYMPTOM of yo-yo ride weight-loss and weight-gain.

Here’s another one:  “Have you seen a video or picture of yourself lately and you didn’t like what you saw?”


If you really want to literally enter the conversation in your prospect’s minds, hit them with the INTERNAL SYMPTOMS: the feelings and things they say to themselves.

For an example…

  • Shame: “Ever wake up after eating an entire chocolate cake and just feel like a loser?”
  • Guilt: “Do you beat yourself up in your head every time you “fail” with your diet and exercise?”
  • Fear: “Are you intimidated to go exercise with all the ‘fit sexy people’?”
  • Desire: “Are you obsessed with losing those last 15 lbs? And you’ll do whatever it takes to get there?”
  • Anger: “Does your slow metabolism and bad genetics just piss you off?”
  • Pride “Yeah, you’re sexy and you know it… and once you finish this new program you’ll be even sexier.”

Those are example of things people will say to themselves when they’re feeling those emotions.

The more you can NAIL the symptoms, the stronger your copy will be.

Where can you apply this?

Answer is: EVERYWHERE.

CAVEAT:  this works best in prospects driven by GETTING AWAY FROM PAIN (which is about 90%).

This won’t work that well for people driven by dreams and visions (which is about 10%).

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Matt Gallant is a serial entrepreneur who's collected over 7 million leads in various industries, scientifically tested well over 10,000 different marketing ideas, generate tens of millions of dollars online and built his dream international lifestyle. Matt currently resides in Panama with his beautiful wife.

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  • Joseph Boyden Feb 24, 2017, 4:22 am

    Great lesson Matt, I am a complete beginner when it comes to copywriting and this information is super helpful. Thank you!

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