How To Be Extremely Successful AND REALLY Happy — Cause Most People Aren’t


Would you like to truly become the ULTIMATE VERSION of yourself?  If you answered “yes”, read on…

I know dozens of people that are extremely successful that aren’t genuinely happy because they do almost no spiritual work.  And I know deeply spiritual people that aren’t super successful because they don’t spend much time or energy on that.

Why not have it all?  That’s what this article is about.

I often talk to people who are confused about spiritual growth and self development.

Spiritual growth is a form of self development because you are improving yourself.  But most

Oprah seems to be a perfect example of someone who's successful and happy.

Oprah seems to be a perfect example of someone who’s successful and happy.

self development work is NOT spiritual.Oprah is a perfect example of someone who’s constantly works on self-development and Spiritual Growth.

This article is about understanding and developing BOTH.  Self-development and spiritual growth are complementary.  They can even be synergistic.  By understanding the differences, you’ll be identify any blind spots and make big gains.

When I was in my 20’s, I was obsessed with success and I was an agnostic.  I was doing non-stop self-development work, but I didn’t have a spiritual bone in my body.  Self-development without spiritual growth left me feeling EMPTY.

In my early 30’s, I did a 180 after crashing and burning and getting shot (you can read about the story here).  I became 100% focused on spiritual growth and my life changed.

These days, I’m probably 50-50.    Self development helps me become more successful.  Spiritual growth fulfills me.  I believe that to become the ultimate version of yourself… To become HAPPY AND SUCCESSFUL, you must work on both.


Here’s a comparison chart to contrast the difference.

Self Development Spiritual Growth
Success is the goal Raising the level of consciousness is the goal
Process: developing the mind Process: removing blockages to spiritual growth
Improve character defects Transcend character defects
Driven Compelled
Focused On What We Want Grateful for what we have
Become more effective Become more loving
Become more efficient Become more forgiving
Focus on goals Focus on the journey
Strategic thinking Introspection, contemplation and meditation
Removing mental blocks to success Shadow Work
Accomplishments and money are the reward Happiness and joy are the reward

Self Development Is About Success

Why do people spend time, energy and money reading books and going to events to improve themselves?  It’s about achieving more success.

Let’s examine some of the various tools of self-development.

Identify And Remove Mental Limitations

In order to become more successful, it’s critical to understand how successful people think.  Most of the world, don’t understand how to be successful.  Most people pick up cognitive biases and other bad thinking patterns that LIMIT their success.

One of the best parts of self-development is correcting those limitations.


Lots of self-development focuses on GOALS.  Goals help the mind focus to achieve a result.

Becoming More Effective

Lots of self-development is about becoming more effective.  How to focus on the right things… How to become skilled in the right areas.  Download a free copy of the 3X Your Productivity Book.  It goes deep into this.

Boost Motivation

A lot of self-development events focus on increasing motivation.  You go there, you get jacked… pumped up… jump around… and feel on fire.

The downside of motivation is, it’s very fleeting.  It leaves quickly.  Here’s an article that describes much more powerful forces.

Spiritual Growth Is About Raising Your Level Of Consciousness


Spiritual Growth is the most rewarding, fulfilling, life-enhancing endeavour a human can do.

Most people haven’t experienced the spiritual rewards and gains that I’m talking about so they pooh-pooh or brush off Spirituality.

Until you do experience it, it does require some level of Faith.  I’m not talking about having Faith about life after death.  I’m talking about having Faith that raising your level of consciousness will increase your happiness and joy.  I can guarantee it will because I’ve experienced it and I’ve seen hundreds of friends experience it.

Here are some of the tools that will help you raise your level of consciousness

Spiritual Habit #1: Gratitude.



Appreciate little things.

One of the easiest ways to boost your happiness is to actively appreciate the good things in your life.

I suggest that you build a daily ritual of making a list of things you’re grateful for.

For me everyday, I wake up and go on a Whatsapp group of men I trust and love and share what I’m grateful for.  It’s awesome because I get to read what they’re grateful for too which inspires me.

Gratitude is the INNER FEELING of love and thanks.

I used to be extremely ungrateful because I kept looking at what I COULD have.  I kept looking at the future and comparing it to my present and feeling like I didn’t have enough… I didn’t achieve enough…

Everything changed when I decided to look at where I am now and compare it to where I was.

I also remind myself (in bad times), that no matter how bad things are, THEY COULD BE WORST.  That helps me grateful for what is.

When I got shot, I was EXTREMELY GRATEFUL that the bullet didn’t enter my neck and kill me or paralyze me.  I was EXTREMELY GRATEFUL that they didn’t shoot me twice.

Spiritual Habit #2: Work A Consistent Spiritual Program.


There are hundreds of proven spiritual programs out there.  The key is to find a high-calibrating one and practice it consistently.


Free yourself!

Here are a few you might want to explore that have worked for me:

A Course In Miracles (ACIM)  is a free body of work comprised of 365 daily lessons.  It takes 5 to 15 minutes a day.  The first 20 to 30 lessons can be challenging, but it gets better and better.  Most people have major leaps in levels of consciousness by lesson 100.

12 Step Groups:  There’s over 200 different 12 step groups out there.  If you have any sort of problem, they are proven to help people overcome those challenges and transform people.

Yoga:  Some forms of Yoga are very powerful spiritual programs.  Most people think of Yoga as a form of exercise, which it is.  However, there are 9 different types of yoga and the physical activity is only one of them.

Dr. David Hawkins body of work:  David Hawkins was a prolific spiritual teacher, writing 10 books (plus a few compilations), filming over 50 live events.  Simply watching 15 minutes a day of his work can have profound impact.

I suggest reading: Transcending The Levels Of Consciousness as a starting point for helping you raise your level of consciousness.  

Ideally choose something you can do with a group.  Most of the spiritual practices listed here have local chapters or groups.  It’s also an ideal place to meet like-minded people and build great friendships.


Be one with nature

Spiritual Habit #3: Meditation


Meditation is proven spiritual process that improves contact with Spirit as well as creates powerful upgrades in the mind.

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of different ways to meditate.  Explore various forms to see which one resonates with you.


Spiritual Habit #4: Actively  Processing And Eliminating Negative Emotions


One of the most powerful ways to improve your happiness is to eliminate unconscious resentments from your psyche.

Most people carry around decades of resentments with them.  This affects people in countless ways.

Resentments create a negative filter over people’s perception.  As an example, if someone is resentful because a cop harassed him in his younger days, they’ll see all cops as a$$holes.

Resentments destroy marriages, friendships, business relationships and happiness.

Letting Go: The Pathway Of Surrender is also a spiritual masterpiece that is very powerful to help you eliminate negative emotions.

How To  Have It All


If you would hang out with me for an entire week, you would clearly see 2 Matt’s.

One Matt is known as “The Mattness”.  I’m intense.  I’m focused.  I get shit done.  I get into “Focused Ferocity” (download the 3X book if you haven’t read it yet to learn how to triple your productivity). This is how I am when I’m in business mode.

The other Matt is chill, fun, crazy, relaxed and enjoying the moment.  This Matt is focusing on spiritual processes:  being non-judgmental, forgiving, loving, relaxed, and caring.

Many people get stuck in “business mode”.  They’re always working… thinking about work… They’re obsessed… They never enjoy what they have.  They never smell the roses.

Hey… I get it.  I was there for years.  However, I’ve left that zone and IT FEELS GREAT.  I’ve never been as happy and fulfilled as I am now.  And I’m far MORE successful than I was then.

By spending time on both Spiritual Growth and self-development you can be happier and more successful than you’ve ever been in your life.

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